Brussels Seed Libraries

The seed library is...

The idea was born on the other side of the ocean, in the United States ... and then reached us in Brussels. Five libraries in Brussels host not only books but also seeds. Among the book and DVD shelves, the grainothèque takes the form of a large wooden panel on which hang packets of all kinds of seeds: carrots, lettuce, tomato, spinach, flowers, peppers, basil... each one carefully labelled with its variety, date and place of collection. Everyone interested can therefore take home the seeds of their choice, sow them, and after the plant has flowered, dry the new seeds and return them to the grainothèque, where volunteers take care of their cleaning, labelling and packaging. A dynamic project open to all and that relies on sharing and trust! The seeds offered are free of chemical fertilisers, they are ready for sowing, reproductive and if possible non-hybrids.

Interested in participating? Come and join us at ParckDesign2016 or visit one of the five seed libraries to become a volunteer and to learn more about seeds and plants!

 Library Ukkel (De Broyerstraat 27, 1180 Ukkel):

 Library Jette (Kardinaal Mercierplein 6, 1090 Jette):

 Library Anderlecht (Sint-Guidostraat 97, 1070

 Library Etterbeek (Oudergemselaan 191, 1040

 Library Saint-Agatha- Berchem (Kerkstraat 131, 1082
SABerchem): sint-agatha-