A Collection of Air Qualities

Plants are extremely effective environmental remediators—storing toxins from the soil, catching particles in the air, filtering water systems… Many gardeners claim that vegetables grown with “love” and “care” yield more, or taste better. How might the Parckdesign garden absorb the cultural energies, psychological byproducts and emotional residue of Saint-Gilles?

For Parkdesign2016, Institute for New Feeling presents a designer fragrance line derived from a playful balance of garden herbs with airborne pollutants and human essences. Among the list of ingredients are aromatics like thyme and wintergreen, but also subtle, evocative undertones like stray dog, air conditioner, kebab and wine left out all night. These elements will be conceived with input from the community, isolating both favorable and contentious aspects of everyday life in Brussels.

This project is kindly supported by Pochpac - the art of luxury glass.