Spirit of Coalition

  • Location:
    Parc Duden and different locations
  • Participants:
    Luigi Coppola Gregory Dapra Stefano Faoro Teresa Gentile Gabriel Mattei Miriam Secco

Representing the thousands of people who work for the environment and common goods across diverse local communities of Brussels, the employees of Brussels Environment (IBGE) will be the protagonists of the closing event of Parckdesign2016.

Contemporary debates around the complex issues of preservation, access to, and distribution of essential resources need to be kept alive, fed by different perspectives and current observations. This is especially important for individuals with institutional responsibilities in this field.

Following a process of collecting musical and text ideas, a choral performance will stage the potential debates and paradoxes of the institution: how to think the individual, the employee, the member of a political authority as one of the drivers of a solidarity movement? And how could the institution be developed into a convergence of thoughts, actions and desires?

A place of exchange titled the Bureau of Precarious Coalition is set up from June onwards in the administrative offices of Brussels Environment to collect points of view and encourage expression. The ideas, actions and texts generated by the Bureau constitute the base material for the dramaturgy of the performance, mixing together harmonies and vocal dissonance.