w - Structures

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For Parckdesign2016, the w-o-l-k-e collective realised modular structures and other furniture used at the artists’ residence, at Villa Blanche in Tournay-Solvay Park. The furniture is contextualised for the residency based on w-o-l-k-e's experience of occupying and activating different empty buidlings in Brussels.

The w-structures are the first results of a research inspired by the concepts of “living” and “nomadic structures” devised by Ken Isaacs and Victor Papanek, together with theories of spatiality and proportion by Gerrit Rietveld. Much attention is given to the idea of modularity and simplicity in the designs to suit the “nomadic” context. The major benefit of modular structures is the fact they may be reused, while their simple design is particularly important within a co-creative environment.