Le Jardin

The aim of Jardin Essentiel is to make use of herbs for all kinds of purposes: in cooking, for making tea and infusions, to flavour vinegars, and (with some varieties) even for oil distillation. For this to be possible throughout the summer of 2016, a supply of quality herbs in sufficient quantities was needed.

Lainé Square, at the foot of Parc Duden, was chosen for its spacious and central location; it has plenty of room (approx. 2,500 m2 available for cultivation) and is highly visible. Here on the steps of Parc Duden, overlooking magnificent views of the city, most of the festival activities will unfold. From the North-East all the way to Parc de Forest, the botanic garden stretches out like a giant commemorative carpet, representing the rich cultural variety of Brussels.

So that this newly planted space fits with the historic character and formal structure of this part of Parc Duden, it was designed with a strictly symmetrical layout. The planted herbs form long, narrow rows in a spectrum of greens and a mosaic of colourful blossoms; the flowering annuals (mustard, poppies) bring a powerful burst of colour. This selection of diverse but familiar varieties of aromatic herbs aims to provide an intense sensory experience as much in terms of flavour as in colour, fragrance and feel.