Ballon à Distiller

At the heart of the festival in Parc Duden sits the Ballon à Distiller. Acting as the main metaphor for botanical and cultural transformations, the Ballon à Distiller will form the stage for all kinds of workshops and other activities allowing park visitors to appropriate the Jardin Essentiel. Collectif 6.35 will be hosting a series of herbalist and distillation workshops that make you discover the mysterious world of medicinal plants, natural health and beauty products. Cajou will take you on a trip around the world to discover new ways of drinking that will excite the palate while also doing good to your body and health. City3 will be activating a reception desk at Parc Duden, where they will guide you through the festival program and tell you more about the Jardin Essentiel, while also inviting you to give shape to activities you would like to host yourself on the festival's site.