Le Pavillon

The ephemeral architecture set up in Parc Duden is a landmark visible from a distance and at the same time a viewing apparatus to observe the surroundings. As a first gesture of appropriation, a large squared structure is traced: a simple colonnade addresses the area in its totality, and while searching for a dialogue with the monumental axis, the city, the forest, the park and the essential garden, it define the limits of the site.

An openable fabric roof allows the perimeter to be used in multiple ways; following the hazards of summer, the open air piazza can be transformed into a covered terrace, accommodating the multiple needs of the program: dance, theatre, kitchen classes, distillery activities.

The distillery is the true heart of the venue – a hexagonal tower that stands out from the rest, visible as a lighthouse, echoing the dome of the Palais de Justice. The large doors are opened in the day and contain the distillation equipment.

The kiosk is a longitudinal structure openable towards the square, while a system of triangular furniture comprises the info point and flexible space for cultural events, closing up to be compact at night and opening out during the day.

The Decorators have provided the infrastructure for the spaces of production and exchange at Le Jardin Essential, including the cafe, kitchen and distillation laboratory. The design of these elements invites the public to actively get involved in the set up and running of Le Jardin Essential, turning visitors into participants and collaborators. Made up of modules that are unpacked under a central canopy, they can be arranged in multiple configurations to support the festival's varied programme of activity and much more.

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