Nature – Distilling nature into Nature - A performance by Rodrigo Sobarzo

The creation and destruction of landscapes is at the core of the work and practice of
Rodrigo Sobarzo, whose performances present natural elements and technology
intertwining in a peculiar way. On the occasion of this program Sobarzo brings for the
frst time his universe in the middle of nature and conceives an unexplored
confrontation with it and its reconstruction, blurring the border, and the very concept
of artifciality.
Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea (CL/NL) is an artist who studied choreography at the SNDO in
Amsterdam, and theatre at Universidad de Chile in Santiago. He was a recipient of the DanceWeb
scholarship in Vienna in 2009, and a resident at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht working on his
creation S ITE S in 2014. His work often explore a mysterious lost

This activity is part of Nature, a public program in the middle of nature on the modern transformation of nature into Nature. Conceived by Aleppo in collaboration with WorkSpace Brussels in the frame of ParckDesign 2016.©.html