Xenofeminism (Laboria Cuboniks) - a collective reading part 2

«Nothing should be accepted as fxed, permanent, or ‘given’—neither material
conditions nor social forms. Anyone who’s been deemed ‘unnatural’ in the face of
reigning biological norms, anyone who’s experienced injustices wrought in the name
of natural order, will realize that the glorifcation of ‘nature’ has nothing to offer us—
the queer and trans among us, the differently-abled, as well as those who have
suffered discrimination due to pregnancy or duties connected to child-rearing. XF is
vehemently anti-naturalist. Essentialist naturalism reeks of theology—the sooner it is
exorcised, the better». After its online release by collective Laboria Cuboniks one
year ago, Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation has immediately become a
manifesto to rethink nature and its use in contemporary politics. As part of the
program, and led by Livia Andrea Piazza, the short manifesto is read and discussed
collectively in the park.

This activity is part of Nature, a public program in the middle of nature on the modern transformation of nature into Nature. Conceived by Aleppo in the frame of ParckDesign 2016.