Raafat Majzoub العارية – Naked

"The real is overrated, my dear, so make up your own, and I’m sure that by the time we see each other, the catastrophic people of Arabia would have chosen you as their romantic poet. Until then, habibi, read first sentences, fuck, write and love"

On the occasion of Nature, Aleppo commissioned a new novel to Beirut-based writer Raafat Majzoub. In this book, Majzoub starts from the translation of the Arabic word Tat'beeh into Normalization which literally translates to Naturalization in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
A novel where Nature no longer appears as a fixed idea opposed to fiction, rather as the instrument to rethink an overrated Real.

As opening moment of the program Nature, the new book is distributed in the middle of nature; Raafat Majzoub will give a talk on the questions and implications of this work.

Raafat Majzoub is a Lebanese architect, author and artist. His work negotiates the territory of reality through literature, visual arts and public interventions, inventing and advocating accessible utopic alternatives and possible scenarios. He co-founded The Outpost, a quarterly magazine of possibilities in the Arab world. Majzoub recently completed writing a novel through a series of installations, turning ‘real life’ interventions into first drafts for 'The Perfumed Garden: An autobiography of another Arab World'.

This activity is part of Nature, a public program in the middle of nature on the modern transformation of nature into Nature. Conceived by Aleppo in the frame of ParckDesign 2016.